Robotics for School Kids

Ever wonder how some kids seem to develop critical engineering skills, such as problem-solving and analysis, faster than others? Sometimes this is due to practice and substantial tuition. Some kids, however, have the added edge creating or realizing their ideas. The ability to dream is important, but the ability to realize dreams is also important.

Building Robots using Robotics

Building Robots using Lego NXT 2.0

This program is about challenging students to develop critical skills by addressing a series of challenges. In every session a child is expected to tackle a challenge and by applying the Engineering Design Process, solve the challenge by creating a robot. Yes! Your child will create a robot!

The Engineering Design Process as defined by the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks for Technology/Engineering

The Engineering Design Process as defined by the Massachusetts State Curriculum Frameworks for

About the Program
In this program, your child will develop key skills, such as

  • Learn to think systematically
  • Enhance creativity by designing functioning robots
  • Develop logical thinking through programming
  • Learn key planning skills
  • Start thinking like an Engineer!!!

How to Book

Call 9810896234

  • When: Strictly by appointment. Weekday Sessions – 6 to 9 p.m. Weekend Session: Morning and Afternoon.
  • Session Duration: 3 hours
  • Eligibility: School children in 3rd grade or above.
  • Contact: Rupen Sharma, PMP – 9810896234
  • Cost:Rs. 1500 per session

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions does my child need to build a functioning robot?

Answer: In every session, your child will build a robot. The difference between sessions is that as your child progresses, the type of robot being built is more complex and requires a greater degree of creativity, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

Why do I charge for this program and not for the other programs listed on Performance Champs?

Answer: For the other programs, such as Learning with Nature, I do not incur an expense. Therefore, there are no charges. However, for the robotics session, the robotics equipment is costly. Hence, there is a charge for this program.


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