I’m Rupen Sharma, PMP. I’m an engineer and a certified Project Management Professional working for an Electronics Design Automation company. One sunny day, I woke up and felt like doing something beyond the usual 9 to 6. That auspicious day has led to:

  • Dwarka Cycling Club: Promotes cycling for adults in Dwarka. To join, log into Facebook and join the Dwarka Cycling Club group. The club has also been featured in local newspapers, such as here. Cost: Free.
  • Learning by Nature: This initiative is all about learning from nature by hugging nature riding on a bicycle. Read more about this program here. Cost: Free
  • Robotics for School Kids: This program promotes the use higher thinking skills to build robots. Read more about this program here. Since the equipment used in this program is expensive, the program is not free. Cost: Rs. 1500/session.
  • Project Management for School Kids: This is a Project Management Institute (PMI) program specially designed to inculcate life skills in the youth. Yet to be launched. Read more about this program here. Cost: Free.

You’ll notice that most of the programs are free. This is intentional. When I incur expenses, that is beyond my time, I charge. Otherwise, I really think there is significant gratification in just helping people perform better.


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